Ballistica Web Portal

Welcome to the Ballistica project!

Ballistica is the engine and infrastructure behind BombSquad (and maybe more fun stuff in the future). A number of its components are open source, and it encourages modding, tinkering, and community involvement. Check out the links below to learn more.

Note: This site works with BombSquad 'V2' accounts (also called Ballistica accounts). These accounts are beginning to replace legacy accounts starting in BombSquad 1.7, and they add support for upcoming features such as matchmaking, friend chat, and cloud-based modding. Existing login types such as Google Play are gaining support for V2 features over time, and you can also create and use new V2 accounts through this site.

Use the Manage Account button in the game to gain access to your account on this site.

Alternately, If you've set an email/password for your account, you can sign in here:

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